Private Tutoring at Home Scholarship Program

Education is the key to a better and fuller future for any individual and we understand that at Private Tutoring at Home. Hence we are making a scholarship of $1000 available to high school students for their freshman year of college or current college students for the following academic year through the Private Tutoring at Home Scholarship Program.

Our Terms and Conditions

Anyone who wishes to apply for the Private Tutoring at Home Scholarship program can win a $1000 scholarship. If you are interested, all you must do is create and then submit a three to five minute video. Discuss the merits of private tutoring for teenagers and, if possible, provide examples of how private tutoring helped you in your own academic career. Make sure to show how private tutoring can help develop a child and student in more than just academics such as organization, note taking, planning to name just a few.

The winning entry will receive a $1,000 scholarship which they can put towards their choice of higher education.  Winner awards will be submitted directly to the school and applied to the student’s account.

This is your chance to win the $1000 scholarship.

Only the top entry will receive the $1000 scholarship prize.

Eligibility Criteria: 

This prize is open only to students who are presently enrolled at a high school, college, university or a trade school.

Additional Information: 

How We Judge All Video Entries

We judge videos on several criteria. They have to be creative, clear cut and make excellent use of communication skills throughout.

Submission Rules

Video entries must be under five minutes long. To enter the drawing, add your video to YouTube. Make the title Private Tutoring at Home Scholarship, and make sure that it is clearly visible. It is essential that you provide a link to the website and page in the description area of the video.

Once these steps have been completed, e-mail us at with a link to the video. Also, in the e-mail include your full name, telephone number and address. Please provide the name of the school you attend. If you are only enrolled at present, that is acceptable. You must include proof of your student status and tell us what your field of study is.

Once entered, you give us permission for the video to be used in our marketing and promotions.

The deadline for submissions is December 31st each year. Winner will be chosen on January 31st, 2017 and each year in the future.

Application Deadline: 
Sunday, December 31, 2017
Scholarship Amount: