CompareRaja Scholarship Project


One among few of the best price comparison websites in India, CompareRaja invites graduation or post-graduation students from across the world, to participate in the competition and win a cash prize of upto $1500 that could help finance their further studies.

The Reward:

  • The student submitting the best read will win approximately $365 (equivalent to Rs.25,000) as the reward amount.
  • Students with the second-best and third-best entries will be awarded an approximate amount of $220 and $145 (equivalent to Rs.15,000 and Rs.10,000 respectively).
  • Approximately $75 (Rs.5000) cash prize will be given to 10 runner-ups
  • CompareRaja’s editorial staff will be judging the essays based on the level of creativity, the art of writing, innovation and the novelty of the essay.

The Challenge

Research meticulously and create an essay of about 1000 words on any one of the given topics:

  • Is the fad of Hollywood television series justified?
  • Is technological development equally proportional to environmental deterioration?
  • Is there an age for smartphones to be given to children?
  • How can we as individuals help in balancing out literacy and development?
  • If you were president for a day, what would you change?
  • How are gadgets changing our lives for better and for worse?
  • Which countries will take the lead in terms of technological innovations in the coming years?
  • How would you describe the difference between this decade and the decade before to the coming generation?
  • Which smart gadgets are a must in today’s world
  • If machines replace manual labour, how would you try to increase employment?

Eligibility Criteria: 


Word limit: The essay should be a minimum of 800 words. Plagiarism amounting to over 5% will lead to instant disqualification of entry


Students from across all streams who are pursuing their graduation or post-graduation are eligible for the contest. The reward amount will be credited in the student's bank account or PayPal account

Submission Deadline:

You can submit it bi-annually by June 30th or December 31st

Entry Submission Process:

You can submit the entries by filling up the above form.

Additional Information: 

Kindly Note:

The announcement of the winners will be made annually by July 15th or January 15th on the CompareRaja Facebook page.
Winners need to produce photo identity proof for issuance of reward amount.
Couponraja or CompareRaja employees will not be eligible for participation.

Application Deadline: 
Friday, June 30, 2017
Scholarship Amount: