Cloodjo Amazing Projects Scholarship

Cloodjo provides extensive information about latest products on the market that are related to Home improvement, Outdoor projects, Lawn & Garden etc.

No matter who you are, the undergraduate student or postgraduate student, do you study marketing, IT or biochemistry, we are glad to give you the opportunity to receive $500 award.

Additional Information: 

Our team is happy to award those talented students, who are ready to explain us their awesome ideas about creating beautiful indoor/outdoor projects. (for example: new ideas in design interior).

It should be something interesting that has never used and heard before. Home, yard, garden – choose any category. We give you the freedom to choose.

The article must be typed. The volume must be 500-1500 words. The permitted formats of documents – *.doc, *.docx, or *.pdf.

Send us the completed article at Attach the Word document with your personal details.

Application Deadline: 
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Scholarship Amount: