Art Major Scholarship Program 2017

In an effort to support future generations of young professionals, we want to encourage creativity and help develop the talents of college students. We have decided to sponsor a college student with a scholarship for a student that is serious about art and other creative professions. This scholarship will help with a $1000.00 commitment for a student seeking their Bachelors degree. We will be accepting applications in the form a 5 min. long video. You will need to express your creativity and elaborate on how you plan to use your education to better your local community. We will also be looking for you to explain how you Bachelors degree will help you achieve specific goals.

We will review all the applicants and the student who can display a community oriented goal and delivers a clear presentation of their vision will be rewarded with the $1000.00 scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria: 

College Students who are looking to achieve a Bachelors Degree in Art.


Please create and send in a video that is at least 1.5 mins, but no longer than 5 mins.

Once the video is completed please upload the video to a video sharing site like youtube or Vimeo and put a link directly to this page in the description.

Please make sure to elaborate on the goals and expectations of how your Bachelors degree will help you and your community. Be creative, be clear and concise, and remember presentation counts.

Once you have completed the requirement please email the following to:

Additional Information: 

Please include:

Your name
Your address
Your phone number
Name of your College
You Letter of Acceptance
The direct link to your video on youtube or Vimeo

Videos Judging Criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Explanation of your vision
  • Artistic elements

Contest Deadline:

August 1, 2017.

One applicant will be decided as the winner by August 15th, 2017. You will have 14 days to contact us, if we do not hear from you after that we will be forced to move to another applicant.

*By submitting your application, you give permission for Staggs Plumbing to your video for marketing and business promotional purposes.

Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Scholarship Amount: