Ally Digital Media Scholarship

1. Visit our website and familiarize yourself with our products, especially the Social Media Section
2. Draw a doodle on "Social Media 2016" or write a well-informed, inspiration piece on the same topic. 
3. Remember we are looking for a Di Caprio in art and a Stephen king in writers… what do they have in common? Creativity and uniqueness. The piece must be original and one of a kind. 
4. You must submit the article or doodle before the 31st of December 2017; anyone who submits an entry after this date will be automatically disqualified.

Send your entries to scholarship[at]allydigitalmedia[dot]com clearly indicating on the subject the title "Scholarship Competition"

    Eligibility Criteria: 

    1. Clearly indicate on your submission the following details. 
      - Name. 
      - Age. 
      - The University which you are currently attending. 
      - What program or course you are enrolled in. 
      - The financial need you have.
      - Phone number and email address. 
      - Residency. 
      - Which year in university you are in. 
    2. All employees or relatives of employees of Ally Digital Media are disqualified from participating in this competition. 
    3. All works must be original or you risk disqualification. 
    4. The scholarship prize money is five hundred US dollars. The participant must therefore clearly outline what this money will be used for. 
    5. The scholarship amount is non-transferable to anyone other than the current participant. 
    6. The scholarship is only available to students for the academic year 2017-2018

    Additional Information: 

    The website Administrator may use your personal information only for the purpose of awarding the scholarship to the winner, offering the Scholarship and any reporting responsibility to taxing authorities and your participation in our Scholarship constitutes your consent on the matter.

    Application Deadline: 
    Saturday, December 30, 2017
    Scholarship Amount: